For Planners
and Developers ...

Assessments & Analyses

We help you with the planning, assessment
and optimisation of your wind farm project.
Our accredited procedures and bankable expert
assessments form a solid basis for this.

For Traders
and Operators ...

Forecast & Actual Data

Our accredited solar and wind power
forecasts set benchmarks when it comes to
quality and reliability. Test our forecasts
today, free and without obligation!

For Insurers
and Investors ...

Long-term Data & Analyses

How can meteorological risks be realistically
estimated statistically? Our comprehensive
database of climatologically relevant
re-analysis data provides answers to this.


International Accreditation

EuroWind is internationally accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005 (registry D-PL-11242-01-00) in the areas of wind resource and energy yield assessments, wind index for long-term referencing, determination of Standortgüte, sound immission assessments, site compliance incl. determination of turbulence intensity, wind power forecasting and solar power forecasting.

BWE Members

EuroWind is a member of the German Wind Energy Association (BWE).


EuroWind enhances Competency

In future the EuroWind GmbH is focussing on its biggest competences: the accredited wind power generation and solar power generation forecasts for the european and world-wide market. The growing demand for premium forecasting products and the continuous development of our complex procedures in these fields is resulting in the optimized orientation of EuroWind. Based on the new bundling of resources our services in the fields wind resource & energy yield assessments for the time being will not be offered any more.

Tuesday, 26 of March 2019

EuroWind's speech about CFD-Simulation at the Wind Power Congress in Madrid

Dr. Omar Herrera Sánchez from EuroWind holds a speech about CDF simulation at the 3rd Spanish Wind Power Congress in Madrid on 20th June 2017.

Tuesday, 16 of May 2017

EuroWind at the Windenergietage NRW in Bad Driburg

EuroWind participated at the Windenergietage NRW in Bad Driburg in November. We would like to thank the organisators for this successful event. See you again next year!

Thursday, 8 of December 2016

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